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Hi I'm PenUsbMic, I make low res sci-fi sprites designed for top down (think crawl) type games BUT work perfectly for side scroller platformers (think Risk of Rain), every pack has a free sprite. So try them out and have fun!

Bot Wheel Bot (117x26) - static idle, wake, move, charge, shoot, GAS dash, damaged, and death animations

This character was designed to be a quick little bugger.

Exterminator Bot (97x108) - idle, walk, attack, attack (ground), dash to sky, attack from sky, dash from sky, damage  and death animations  (death not shown)

This character was designed to be extremely quick, and vanish when it feel threaten.

Triple Saber Bot (121x70) - Appear, Idle, Walk,  telekinesis  attack, Quick spin attack, double dart attack, damaged and death (or vanish) animations.

This character was designed to use it's telekinesis powers to wield three sabers, attack in multiple different ways.

Feel free to use for commercial projects and modify the characters if needed. Please use Penusbmic If you want to offer me credits. Please do not resell the assets individually. Thank you! Check out my page for some free pixel work and other cool characters!

Check out my entire Sci-fi Series!


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Dude. You are so impressive man! the sprites are only getting better and better. They look cooler, and they are covering many different types of themes. really cool man! I hope you continue making these. And I also do hope you someday may possibly branch out of sci-fi. some day soon, I will likely buy them (but for now I am using the free ones which have been awesome so far!

And also, a suggestion, maybe make a sprite with a "dodge" animation that can dodge the players attack or something.

Thank you so much man! I appreciate it! I definitely want to start another series, been fooling around with ideas! And a dodge is a great idea, I will try to implement that on my next sprite! Thanks again 😀

I used the free asset for my course submission and I made a very small game with it. I hope it did you justice at least a little bit, I like what you did. I also hope my "special thanks" message was enough.

hey that's awesome!!will you be posting online? Id love to play it! 

hey that's awesome!!will you be posting online? Id love to play it! 

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You can play it here https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/535291298 , it's actually pretty buggy, but I didn't want to put too much time for it (it was my first week submission). Still, thank you very much!

I bought this pack, and I saw your recent post of three characters including Reaper of Storms, and two others.  I would love to buy these, as well as with animations.  Is it possible to pay you to do animations and provide on itch io? You're the best!

These look excellent. I see that you note them as ‘top down’. Does that mean that they are multi-directional?

Your assets are really good.

Can I make a game and release it?

I want to add more ads.

Looks soo cool! I liked it :D

thank you 😊

Do you plan on making some games? I like your work very much!! Please contact me ;)

this is so great! I really appreciate all your packs that make it possible for indie developers to make better looking games! Thanks!

No worries at all! Thanks for the kind words 😊