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Hey, spent a bit more time on this pack then I would of liked... but I'm happy with the turn out. The Guardian will be free, I think he could be a fun enemy with his tele and attack combo. The mage and droid assassin both turned out better than I could of imagined, each will be $2 or $3 for both!

Check out the banner at the top to see all my characters (I forgot one monster). I love this little world I've been creating, leave a comment and tell me what you'd like to see in the future!

Please share any projects you are doing with any of my work! I'd love to see

The Guardian 128x48 - Idle (11), attack (11), teleport (5), death (10)

The Mage 128x 48 - Idle (4), Build up (8), jump attack (15), slam attack (10), walk (5), death/hit (9)

Droid Assassin 145x48 - Idle(10), Attack 1 (19), Run (8), Dash Attack (14), Death/hit (7)

* in the file I exported "Attack from Idle" combo and "Attack from Run" sprites, there's more combos you could fool around with for sure!

Example of Dash attack combo'd with running.

Check out my new series of sprites here!

Feel free to use for commercial projects and modify the characters if needed. Please use Penusbmic If you want to offer me credits. Please do not resell the assets individually. Thank you! Check out my page for some free pixel work and other cool characters!

Check out my entire Sci-fi Series! 1 Free character in every pack!

New Series!

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GenreAction, Adventure, Platformer
Tags2D, Hack and Slash, Monsters, Pixel Art, Sci-fi, Side Scroller, Sprites


Get this asset pack and 25 more for $43.99 USD
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my game the game asset


your work and very beautiful <: (: {: [:

and can you make an asset for the light

I LOVE YOUR WORK! It is so clean and good looking. Question: Is this under some kind of license? Can I use for absolutely any project of mine? Thanks.


Thank you! little blurb at the bottom about the license, short form yes! You can use and alter 😊

I love how your sprites look and I love the animations. They look really nice.

thanks so much 😄

bro def gonna use ur art packs. i saw someone else mention it, but just sayin there's another person desiring a jump animation for assassin. if it would motivate you, i would be willing to give you 10$ for it :)


Ill do it for $5! Haha  regardless of money, I'm gonna prioritize it next week (hopefully early in the week). Just wrapping up a couple projects 

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btw if it interests you, probably the reason why that art pack in specific is just tooo good is because when I look at the animations I just feel free. Idk how to explain it but they are more of a dance, where one action flows into the other disregarding of human constraints. Unlike the typical: i go left. i jump. i go forward. i attack. i fall down. like the magician and the assassin just feel windy and not clunky and u just wanna play as them. hope that helps u in any way. i tried ;)

But disregarding of that, my friends and me were searching for some art packs, but then your art style & content just threw us off from our chairs, it's awesome! 

also i got another question for ya. just saw there no aseprite file in assassin but in the free guardian there is. is there any chance you will add them or you having copy right concerns or so? Cause my friend wanted to try himself at modifying your animations to get additional variations. any answer would be greatly appreciated :)


Regarding both comments, I love how you described the flow of the animations, I definitely want to aim for that more so in the future! And I'll add the file, I believe early on I didn't want to include the asp files but I don't care anymore haha, so I'll add it with the new animations! 

Thank you very much! Your enthusiasm & effort is greatly appreciated!

Wait, I think I'm getting things mixed up... So will you add the aseprite files to this or only to new ones?

This is great. Thank you !

Thanks ☺️

Hi, i just bought your pack and i wondered, how many pixels are the sprites supposed to be?

Hey thanks!, and just added on the page - they are 128x48 for the first two and the assassin is 145x48!

Hello is it ok if I use this for a game I'm developing. I will modify the charachter in piskel.

hey thanks for the purchase! And yes of course you can :)

hi, can you add jump/fall animation for Assassin?

hey I'll add it to the to do list! Not sure the timeline on it though

I would like it if u added a jump/fall and crouch animation for the Assassin too.

by far this is my favorite bundle 

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glad you like it! I'll try to do some more like this :)

these are great and i wanted to relese a game with a few of them can i?

of course! Credit of course and link me the game afterwards! 

hi! i love your work and your artstyle is really beautiful, i wanted to ask if i need some licence or special procedure to use your assets in a game that i'm developing and that i plan to release on steam.

Hey thank you so much! I just add a blurb to all my pages! but here it is:

Feel free to use for commercial projects and modify the characters if needed. Please use Penusbmic If you want to offer me credits. Please do not resell the assets individually. Thank you! Check out my page for some free pixel work and other cool characters!

Thanks a bunch! and keep me posted with the project I'd love to see!

Hi! your work is amazing!! i'm working in develop my pixel art and your art give me a lot of inspiration, it's ok if i take some of your art as reference for my pixel dailies? 

hi! Thanks so much! And of course!

Hi love ur work , but could u tell me wat u use to create this characters

thank you! And i use Aesprite for all my work! 

thank u so much 

Hi I dont mean to like steal ur business or anything,  but could u refer me to any tutorials on hw u learnt , because I'm trying to earn a income ,due to me being at home and I cant work anymore cause of covid 19 

It has gone so bad that i dont know wen I'll go back to work 


No worries! And Pedro Medeiros has fantastic tutorials. Look up his instagram & on pinterest. I really liked watching Pixel Pete on youtube. They we're probably the most helpful for me.

Download other artists work if you can and see how they transition and flow! I include Aseprite files in most of my free character sprites. (If you use Aseprite, learn the tricks first) it's only a $15 program!

Keyframes are important! I usally start with my keyframes. Styles can be very different, I do a lot of quick movements and use a pretty low pixel count with no dark outlines. Figure out what works for you!

hope that helps!

that helps alot , thank u so much , may god protect you and ur growing family 🙏♥️

hi bro again , while doing my research on pixel art , I realise that aesprite costs money by any chance is there another pixel app that is FREE I can use , n may be compatible with ur projects 

Try piskel or lospec! I personally haven't tried these but worth a try

thank u , but will it be compatible with your projects 

yup you should be able to import any sprite sheet to any program 

Try piskel or lospec! I personally haven't tried these but worth a try

I just wish aesprite gave the option to pay or not like some people on itchio

Amazing work lately and you're putting out so much stuff. Always happy to see something new pop into my feed. Keep it up !

Thanks again bear! Hopefully i don't slow down to much! It's getting more and more difficult though

On a serious note, being creative consistently and working on these kinds of projects takes a lot out of you. Most people catch burnout after it's become a major problem and they end up not wanting anything to do with their own projects anymore. Stay healthy, look after yourself and pace yourself before you think it's necessary. I can't wait to see where you go with your art but pace yourself for the long term. 


this is honestly great advice, thanks Bear. I have a lot planned and can get excited to share it all, but you're 100% right, it's very important to pace myself at the moment!

The time may come when I will purchase your work to make something really special.

I can't wait to see/play it!! Keep me posted if you do!

Man, again, killing it! And none of your characters feel generic too.

How long have you being doing pixel art? And animating specifically?

thank you again!! I really appreciate it. And this is my third attempt, the first two i was more focused on learning game maker and pixel game maker /trying to develope a game. 

The pixel art part, i did alright at and then i would try to animate and absolutely sucked at it. 

This third attempt which started in April, i watched a lot of tutorials and really focused on the basics. I gave my self rules like only using 4 shades or colours, which honestly helped a lot. I've put a lot effort into it these last 2 months and finally found a grove and style that i enjoy! I'm constantly changing and trying to become better, i feel i still have a lot to learn. Anyways... Small rant lol here's a teaser photo 


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I see. It’s really paying off! The world building you got going and your style seem to be coming together quite cohesively.

I can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

I’m trying to build a simple but working prototype (also my third attempt at game dev) and when I stumbled onto your assets I couldn’t resist trying to make this world alive.

For now I only have basic rendering movement, collisions and parallax. Here’s some [not exciting] footage:

(converting the video to GIF messed up with the speed, it’s not actually that slow)

Next up will be attacking an NPC (probably no AI though). I’ll keep you posted!

Excited to see where you go with the project !

That's so awesome! I'm so excited to see your project expand! 

It's looking good! Definitely keep me posted, i wanna see that supercharged attack in action :p

Keep in touch!