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Hi, I'm Penusbmic. Decided to make a little game. Inspired by games like 20 Mins till Dawn & Vampire Survivors. My goal was to focus on the game design instead of the art (Mostly only do art/animations). Used my Own Assets (The Tiny Alchemist Series), some sounds from Shapeforms & music from alkakrab

There's 4 different guns , 6 different gemstones, a cool leader board/scoring system. Was going to add a couple more heroes but decided to implement the mobile version... which took a bit longer than expected. Web version is playbable on mobile, APK file also available. 


WASD - Move

Left Click - Shoot

ESC - Pause 

Join my discord to test new guns & builds!

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Made With GDevelop.

PlatformsWindows, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(137 total ratings)
Made withGDevelop
TagsBullet Hell, Fantasy, gdevelop, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Roguelite, Top-Down, Top down shooter, Twin Stick Shooter
Average sessionA few minutes


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it was really a good game for a rouglike genre, the only downside for me when I'm playing is the joystick continually drifting (i play the game in android) overall 10/10 :D

Cool game! my game will have levels. will your game have levels? 

where can I see my mastery levels/points? Or is that not a thing?

Really enjoy the game and the fact that it's not an infinite plane. If possible I would like to see what upgrades I have when I pause, or just a general way to see what upgrades I have equipped.

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How do you buy guns?! I have 2500 credits and I'm trying to buy the Scrapper (for example) and when the gun is selected it says "BUY 1500 CREDITS" but pressing Space, E, shift, every button I can find does not buy the gun. The "start" stays locked saying access denied. I've mashed every key on my keyboard and nothing will actually buy the gun. Help. :( 
Edit: turns out I can't buy gear either, but I can buy buffs. What's wrong?!


Hey! Move the cursor over top of the buy text and click! Apologies, the full version, purchasing works with buttons 馃榾

I played this about 10 months back. I recently played the steam demo and let me say I love it! It greatly expands upon the previous versions! Love the new guns, characters, and enemies. Also, the boss looks incredible! Can't wait for the full release! Good Job! 

congrates on making bullet bunny go to steam! Mabeyi can buy it and try it out for myself:)

man i remember when i played this lol

holy crap it changed so much XD


rip mini gun :(

thank you so much for the support way back then! 鉂わ笍馃榾

You forgot to make the orbital slow down when time is slowed by the active ability button. Holding the button means the orbital can clear the area around you easily.

more updates pls

this game is like the game bullet bunny, the twinstick shooter roguelike

I keep dieing right when it starts to get good. Damn.


Great game, the art is very cool, and man I've got a hard time killing those monsters xD 

Great game! Looks amazing <3

I absolutely love the game! I'm playing on mobile and I'm quite struggling with the joystick controls. Maybe implement a fixed joystick option? Thanks!

Absolutely loved the demo, counting the days to finally play the full thing


i play on a school chromebook so after the time of 200 it gets laggy, but thats not the creators fault, good game its addictive


Quality game. Great mechanics with balanced bullet hell action, 15/10


I really like this game, in fact id love to send the developer money, but im having random crashes while playing tje game.


Can someone tell me what type of game these are called. You know, games where enemies spawn and you kill em' and you get upgrades to kill em' better.


It means you can get random upgrades in each single game


Vampire survivors-like, lmao.

bullet hell. its a fun type


This genre is often referred to as 'reverse bullet-hell'

Both Roguelike and Roguelite. I think roguelites are slightly easier in some way?


what a great game. i just cant stop playing, the mechanics are simple enough to make it so easy to pick up. the weapons and abilitites all work so well together, making it extremely fun, yet strategic. overall, 10/10, will definitely be getting it when it releases on steam. keep making great games dude, you're awesome.





Excellent. Super addictive!

<3 :)

Nice game

But after the lastest upgrade.I can't play this game on mobile device anymore.

thank you! All the new stuff isn't configured yet, taking a break from mobile and focusing on the steam release. Then I'll focus on mobile 馃榾

Very fun and addicting!! only critic is that poison damage is too hard to get in order to make the poison upgrades worth it. also, i think an light mastery would be cool!

ayo? the posion gun is op

 is the giant meat lump i need help how to beat

tf is the thing that makes the invincable barrier i always die there help

Hey bsu3! Join the discord 馃槃 wI'll help you out there!

and load screen takes so long but might be cuz my computer is a potatoe

too hard to get money ;-;

anyone can suggest me a good loadout and upgrades for the blaster? I'm addicted to it and really need some good ones


blaster is really good with the reload bomb/ reload mastery spells. Keep the ammo low and you'll be loving it, also getting "rage" damage increases the lower HP is risky can was once the best build in the game! 

(1 edit)

thank you bud! what about the gear?

Try the fire-rate one or damage 馃檪

Fooking left stick make game unplayable. What a retard think that was good idea make it moveable

Top 26, Pretty fun game :D


Nice game! 

Bullet Bunny Gameplay


an infinite mode or longer round would be fun, feels like it ends too soon right now, but overall very fun demo

very fun, and addicting too!

thank you 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍馃槂

i've been playing this game since it was just a blank canvas, so nice to see how far it's come! keep up the good work :)


that means so much to me! thank you :)



Can you make the enemies brighter? Maybe that's how it's supposed to be, but I end up missing few enemies especially the small ones.

kind fun

ty <3

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