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Hey guys! So excited to share this pack, it will contain 3 characters. 1st (Spirit Boxer) for free, the 2nd and 3rd for $2 each, or the entire set for $3!

Spirit Boxer 137x44 (frames in brackets) - he packs a very heavy punch

Idle (4), Attack 1 (6), Attack 2 (13), Attack 3 (10), Run (6), Damaged (4), Death (6)

The attacks chain beautifully!

The Lost Welder (128x64) - he'll leave a burn

Idle (4), Attack (9), Walk (6), Damaged (4), Death (13)

Sci-fi Samurai (64x64) - he's shifty, he's quick, and he's bloody...?

Run (6 frames)

Jump Attack (12 frames) - added better shadows than shown

This cool ranged super (19  frames)  - aso has a laser shot 

death (7 frames)

Feel free to use for commercial projects and modify the characters if needed. Please use Penusbmic If you want to offer me credits. Please do not resell the assets individually. Thank you! Check out my page for some free pixel work and other cool characters!

Check out my entire Sci-fi Series! 1 Free character in every pack!

Check out my new series of sprites here!

And a free monster pack!

and some free tilesets!

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Tags2D, Hack and Slash, Pixel Art, Shoot 'Em Up, Side Scroller, Sprites, Top down shooter


Get this asset pack and 25 more for $43.99 USD
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Lost Welder.zip 27 kB
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Sci-fi Samurai.zip 54 kB
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All 3 Characters (Pack).zip 167 kB
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Great work ^^

Dude this looks amazinG!!

thank you! 

Hi Penusbmic. We noticed that in your later packs you include the aseprite file. Any chance we could get them for your older packs as well? We use unity a program that automatically imports the animations from aseprite.

Just noticed that the Sci-fi Samurai Bandit has it, but not the other two. My bad.

make more assets your assets are very good

must be apriciated

Thank you ☺️ and I'll make more soon!

can we use this assets and publish it in play store or other ?

Yes you can use it for commercial use!

Hi I like your art style a lot. I would like to use your assets is there a way for me to contact you except for twitter and Instagram?  

I love your pixel art style. It's just amazing how much detail and flow they have. Congrats! :))

thanks so much! I appreciate it 😊

Love your work! Could you please add a license for people to know what we can do with this? Without a license you would not be allowed to use this in a game legally.


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Thank you!

These are great.Good work.

thank you Wakka!