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Hi, i'm penusbmic and this pack is apart of an series called "The DARK Series" that  Patrons can download for free. It's my current ongoing series that is influenced and inspired by my Patrons I'll be releasing 2 monthly packs (so you'll always get your worth in money) and as we grow i'll begin to release  rewards like monthly tutorials, comics, and other standalone packs.  

 This Pack Includes

  • The Sci-Fi Samurai Spritesheet
  • Animations: 
    • Idle with sword,
    • Idle with spear
    • Run with sword
    • Run with spear
    • Attack(s) with sword
    • Attack with spear
    • Death with sword
    • Death with spear
    • Jump with sword/spear (v1.1)
    • Fall with sword/spear (v1.1)
    • Transition with sword/spear (v1.1)
    • Land with sword/spear (v1.1)
  • All Aseprite files 

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Feel free to use for commercial projects and modify the characters if needed. Please use Penusbmic If you want to offer me credits. Please do not resell the assets individually. Thank you! Check out my page for some free pixel work and other cool characters!

Updated 25 days ago
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GenrePlatformer, Role Playing
Tags2D, Dark, Dark Fantasy, Pixel Art, Retro, Sci-fi, Side Scroller, Sprites


Get this asset pack and 26 more for $58.99 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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DARK - Sci-FI Samurai.zip 414 kB
DARK - Sci-Fi Samurai Version 1.1.zip 59 kB

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Hey this awesome! I'll try to get it for my next project.

Nice looking but not really enough animations for a game.


Hey! Added jump/fall/land, will add more soon! :)

Very cool.

I'd need a dash and a wall jump to use this in a jam


For some unknown reason when importing into Unity - sprites are soapy. Of course I set Point No Filter and Compression None. Maybe someone has already solved the problem ?


I solved this problem by setting the Max Size to 4096 ))))

mage character that Nooses summons And the melee weapons. And maybe 6 magic hands


Hi, it will be nice to get hero character in similar style witch all animations as alternative to swordmaster


Planning some animations :)

(1 edit) (+1)

great pack. I bought it & love the sprite and want to use it for the player character yet there is no jumping animation. could you consider adding it please. thanks!

Added :) planning some more hero like animations!

It would be cool to see a blocking animation to come with this pack! Nevertheless, awesome job!

Thank you! Planning some more animations

Hi~ I bought the pack, it’s very great and fantasy, but can you update for the without weapon version? I very need, please, thank you!


looks amazing, are you planing on more animations? like a dash and jump, and maybe a air hit animation

Thank you! added a jump/fall/land, will plan more :)

Hi, just yesterday I bought the dark series bundle 2 but this asset was not included, is there any way it can be added?

Hey! Thanks for the support, give me a message on discord 😀

Any chance you made an ultimate bundle with all you have ever made? ;)

PS - Just saw and Wishlisted your game on Steam, looking forward to it! (will check out the demo, as well)