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NOTE:  Patrons can download this pack for free! - This pack has been revoked (June's Pack)

Hi, i'm penusbmic and this pack is apart of an series called "The DARK Series" that  Patrons can download for free. It's my current ongoing series that is influenced and inspired by my Patrons I'll be releasing 2 monthly packs (so you'll always get your worth in money) and as we grow i'll begin to release  rewards like monthly tutorials, comics, and other standalone packs.  

 This Pack Includes

  • NPC - Cold Girl Sprite Sheet
  • NPC - Three Faced Man Sprite Sheet
  • NPC - Old Man Sprite Sheet (every game needs an old man)
  • NPC - Masked Man Sprite Sheet
  • NPC - Sleepy Creppy Man Sprite Sheet
  • Animated Blood Statue  Sprite Sheet
  • Animated Knight in Throne Sprite Sheet (Grassy)
  • Animated Knight in Throne Sprite Sheet (Blue Power)

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Feel free to use for commercial projects and modify the characters if needed. Please use Penusbmic If you want to offer me credits. Please do not resell the assets individually. Thank you! Check out my page for some free pixel work and other cool characters!

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GenreAction, Adventure, Platformer
Tags2D, Dark, Metroidvania, Pixel Art, Retro, Side Scroller, Sprites


Get this asset pack and 23 more for $49.99 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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21 DARK Series - NPC's & Thrones.zip


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we can use these for commercial right ?

yup 💯 😃

Ty sorry Im new to all of this and Im mainly just messing around but much appreciated. 

Do the sprite sheets include walking or running?

They do not! Just npc type sprites


Hello everyone, cordial greetings, I introduce myself as a plastic artist, I am also an illustrator of Japanese comics and manga, I am entering this world with several courses already taken, I have also taken computer security and programming courses, I just wanted to tell you a little about My, I have a question for my colleague penusbmic, can I use these designs in a personal project of course, I'll give you your credits but I want to know if I don't have problems with the license, in another order can I use them as is or do I have to edit them? Thank you very much in advance, NOTE. I want to use them for commercial purposes, since I would put them together with others that I have bought and some that I have made myself.

Hello, very nice assets!

What is the resolution of the npcs? Is this pack still included for patreon supporters?

I love that tall character on the center!! I suppose it's the Blood Statue (great name by the way!).

Congratulations, the art is great as ever!

thank you so much!! ❤️