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NOTE:  Patrons - this pack has been revoked! (March release)

Hi, i'm penusbmic and this pack is apart of an series called "The DARK Series" that  Patrons can download for free. It's my current ongoing series that is influenced and inspired by my Patrons I'll be releasing 2 monthly packs (so you'll always get your worth in money) and as we grow i'll begin to release  rewards like monthly tutorials, comics, and other standalone packs.  

 This Pack Includes

  • Ghoul (62x33) - Static Idle, Wake, Walk, Attack, Hit, Death, & Spawn Animations 
  • Summoner (46x44) - Idle, Move, Summon, hit, & death animations
  • Spitter (57x39) - Idle, Walk, Attack, hit, & death animations 
  • Spitter Projectile (16x16) - Travel, burst 1, & burst 2 animations 

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Feel free to use for commercial projects and modify the characters if needed. Please use Penusbmic If you want to offer me credits. Please do not resell the assets individually. Thank you! Check out my page for some free pixel work and other cool characters!

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Platformer, Role Playing
Tags2D, Creepy, Fantasy, Pixel Art, Retro, Side Scroller, Sprites


Get this asset pack and 26 more for $58.99 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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DARK - Character Pack 3.zip 110 kB


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Hi @penusbmic, I bought your asset and used it in my demo. https://kurokky.itch.io/oh-crops

Can you please check it, well appreciated :) Your assets are all gorgeous. Keep on doing it.

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So wait. The "this pack has been revoked!" for patrons means that if I join your patreon that I don't get this asset? Or... what?

Nvm, I get it. It's all about what is available as "always" and the expansions and etc... and such. 

Your patreon tiers are a little confusing. I'd prefer a license to everything you have created and will release that gives me a discount over buying individually. Not sure if you have that. 

Yea i find myself constantly trying to change the wording and make it as clear as possible.

I do have bundles (with a discount) with everything currently available but wouldn't include upcoming new releases. 

The best option currently, is buying a bundle on sale and then subscribing on Patreon for all the upcoming releases!



Thanks. I am pretty sure I've licensed every piece of your art available on itch now with the purchase of the Dark serious bundle. I like what you do with so few pixels. 

Thanks so much for supporting this entire time! Means a lot, I'm always trying new ways/things to make it easier on both sides! Appreciate the support ☺️

As always awesome hope you never forget to bring us these awesome sprites, by the way i'm using your assets for a commercial project, i would like to know if i can put your name in steam developer credits without any problem. Sorry for my english.

thanks so much again Salerius! And of course you can 😊 

I like the death animation, well done !

thank you gif!!