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i really have to say thank you! im using these for a game called MEZSA.


He bundled them


All of your stuff is very good. I really like your style. 


greate resource!, I make a prototype from it!


thank you so much for making this! I've recently started trying to make my first game, and this is exactly the kind of reference I was looking for, as I'm hoping to start animating small pixel-art characters. Your animations are just superb!

I always feel kind of bad using random internet references, feels like I'm stealing. But being able to buy it from an artist and modify it to learn and make your own, and for cheap, too! Amazing stuff, 10/10.

hey thanks so much!! 😃😃


Does the hero walk?..


Vert cool character, i made a gamejam prototype with it and its à great fit, check it out:

This looks awesome! I can't wait to get home and play it now :)

Hi penusbmic! Love your work. Your page says the best way to contact you is via Instagram, but I don't think you received my messages because it says that you "don't allow new message requests from everyone."  Is there another way to reach you privately?

hey! That's strange, I just switched my settings so everyone can send messages.  hopefully it works now! If not try twitter! 

Ok, just sent you a quick hello on Instagram as a test.

still nothing! You sure you have the right account?! 

Ya, pretty sure. "penusbmic", 169 posts, 7142 followers, 768 following, right?  All of your art is posted there.  You should see me "prismaticrealms" as a recent follower.

Works now!  :) Glad we got that all sorted out. 

Are all these asset characters commercially available?


I will use your assets for a non commercial game on this website, i will put your name (Penusbmic) in the credit, right? or you prefear your link page?

my name penusbmic is perfect! And sounds good! Link me the game after, I'd love to check it out! :)

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Your style is just amazing. I've been looking for this style and every time end up at your assets. Looking for a bit different stuff in this style - but as a placeholder / mockup will work with this asset

Will keep you posted if I have something worth showing :P

just saw your tweet! Thanks a bunch man! Looking forwars to seeing more :)

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Hey @Penusbmic, I was wondering if you could update the .aseprite file from the original with the new animations. It would help a lot to export all animations in one Spritesheet file + .json with animation frame data to import into game engines later on. It looks really cool :)

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Just purchased this pack and I think its awesome, a bit down that there's no run, idle, or jump without a weapon. Ill have to do what Kiamli did. Other than that this is great, I'm working on a class project so I hope to have a working game for this in a month. :)

heyyyy! It's totally on my to do list! I actually thought I had done it, but check soon! Promise I'll have it :)

and thanks so much! Definitely want to see the project! Keep me posted

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Don't know if the vid below will show but so far the animations are really fun and easy, I did a little editing on the sprite animations themselves (edited out the sword) but other than that its all fine. I ended up adding some particle effects when landing on the ground. The tile sheet is also great, after tinkering a bit I found that the tile set was 16x16 to get the right cut outs. 

On a side note when adding projectiles like the laser blast I think it would be nice if you could take the projectile and separate it from the animation. That way I can add it real quick and start messing with it instead of creating a new one to add later. This is just my thought on it, again these are awesome animations and its an awesome world you got.

I hope you end up making a new tile set I got a lot of fun suggestions you could try and maybe adding some items would be fun. 

As for the game, my knowledge of Construct 3 isn't the best and I'm on the clock to get it done so ill be doing a quick 2D side scroller. Ill probably add some items like a health kit, or a health bar. 

Keep up the awesome work!!!

this is awesome work man! And that is good advice about the projectiles, I was kind of wondering the best way to do it for you guys. Anything that makes it easier for you guys I'd like to implement! 

I actually have a side scroller tileset I've been working on, same universe but more detailed. Sometimes I love it and sometime I hate it... Lol I just need to release it. I also want to improve the background of the first tileset and some other things, long list... Lol

Anyways thanks for the tips & anything else you come across let me know! 

Game is looking good keep it the good work!

Man if you release a side scroller tileset ill buy it in a heart beat lol... cant wait to see the improvements and your new stuff though keep up the awesome work.

Awesome ! Thanks

No thank you!!! :)


Hi there, quick question for you. Is there any way to purchase all of your Sci-fi assets in a bundle deal? Thanks in advance.

hey! At the moment there isn't a bundle or sale, sorry :(


no worries. I was just wanting a bundle. I’ll be purchasing stuff anyways! Thanks. 


Hey there, I purchased the Hero here. What size do I need to slice the sprites at? When I do automatic it gives the combo attack multiple slices instead of just slicing the character. Just want to make sure I slice it correctly.


Hey! Thanks for the purchase, and 128x64 is the sprite size for every animation. The combo attack's first attack is 8 frames, second is 5 frames, and the third is 4 frames. Hope that helps!




no worries!


I also would be interested in this. Happy to pay for a whole package deal. Let us know if you are able to work something out. Cheers!


Thanks! You're a cool dude, your art is great!


Thanks so much! It means the world to me


Hi Penusbmic,

I'm working on a game. Is there a way to hire you for some animations and designs?


Good afternoon, I made the purchase. Congratulations for the good work!


thank you so much! 😊

hi, i bought your summer sale pack, can i use it commercially?

Hey, thanks for the purchase! and yes of course!, just added a blurb (I swear I did a while ago, must of forgot lol)


I love the pace at which these are releasing.I'd like to ask,these will work great for a platformer,would you consider making some a tilesheet for these?


yes! I've been messing around with ideas but haven't been super happy with it yet, so hopefully soon!

Deleted 2 years ago

thank you! And yes of course! P.s I've been meaning to add this in the description lol


I had to make idle and run animation versions without the weapon so I could just mirror the sprite every time it turns the other way.

Also had to make a proper state machine to handle idle/run/attack to and fro transitions. But got it working:

(bonus: the kickback has physics to it, so you can bump into stuff)

The enemy is just a sprite for now, no AI or damage taken yet hahah.

Next I’ll probably have to play around with the attack animations anticipation and overshoot. They got a great feeling of impact right now but have a bit of a delay.


Looking great! ohh maybe i should add an idle and run without the weapon on a future add on, and hopefully it helps someone in the future. It also makes it easier to animate another weapon. 

I'm super impressed! I like these updates so keep me posted, and if there's anything you'd like request in an free add on just let me know, or anything that's causing issues, I don't have much programming knowledge and would like to make things as easy as possible for you guys!

Anyways, awesome work Kiamli!


any updates Kiamli! :P


Actually yes!

I’ve been working on a few different things like menu, cutscenes, particles and hit detection. This is all PoC still, of course, so I could get a hang on how to do those in the engine. But I managed to get something presentable:

Work is currently leaving me without much free time to work on this, but slow and steady wins the race right hahah.

I’ll probably play around with shaders, dialog and scene transitions (like loading a building interior instantly or a different level with a loading screen) before tackling AI as I think that’ll be more difficult.

Everything looks awesome! Love the particles and the transition is smooth. I see i may have forgot a frame on that enemy... The black stuff just sticks around, whoopsie :p 

Anyways looking great! Love seeing the progress

Thanks, I really appreciate that! I want to have these kind of polished details like smooth transitions, particles and little animations.

Don’t sweat about things like the missing frame. You’re already creating such polished and thought out artwork.

It’s been really great working on top of it. It really gives a sense of world being created instead of I see some polygons moving around (believe me I’ve been there) and it does wonders for motivation.

Besides it’s only normal to have to adjust a few things when you use art interactively.

Hello, this looks very nice! How did you animate the sun?


This is really neat , i love the feel of your animations ! 


thank you so much!


Any chance on some ranged attack animations?


I was planning something big, like an entire weapon pack for him(nothing started) , but maybe I'll do a small update with dual blasters or something?

I love hearing feedback like this! Motivates me and let's me know what everyone wants


Great style and amazing animations ! Good job !


Thank you so much! Love your snail by the way!!


Thanks a lot =D

I'm a newbie, my next sprites should be better.


Dude, this is some fine pixel art!

I love the low res and simple style. And you simply nailed the animations! They have a great feel to them!

I couldn't help but buy every pack you have Really awesome stuff.

I started learning Godot and I plan on using them for a sample project. If all goes as intended I'll drop some footage here.

Thanks so much Kiamli! You have no idea how much it means to me! If you run into any problems with animations or notice anything off, just let me know and I'll be happy to try to fix them. 

Yes please link me any footage! I'd love to see. Again I appreciate the support so much!


Penusbmic, you said "Who would win?" What does it mean?


Some more sprites in the works :p


Wow! Good animations!


Thank you wolf !!