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NOTE:  Patrons can download this tutorial for free!

Hi, i'm penusbmic and this tutorial and a series called "The DARK Series" that  Patrons can downloaded for free. It's my current ongoing series that is influenced and inspired by my Patrons I'll be releasing 2 monthly packs and 1 tutorial (so you'll always get your worth in money) and as we grow i'll begin to release  rewards like more monthly tutorials, comics, and other standalone packs.  

This Tutorial Includes:

  • A video tutorial of an attack combo ( 1 hour 33 mins)
  • Organized Aseprite files for you to analyze/study
  • The Palette used 
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Tags2D, Animation, Pixel Art, Side Scroller, Sprites, Tutorial


Get this project and 21 more for $25.00 USD
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I bought it. I really like your work.


Your art works are very nice, but if you are promoting a paid version tutorial, may be it would be better to show more why this tutorial is different with other free pixel art tutorial out there.

Hey thanks for the feedback! I'll try to make it more presentable!

I'll buy it


Pay for a tutorial? I understand why but idk.. I would say that you shouldn’t post a tutorial here if you don’t want to put it free A tutorial is there to share things, let it on your patreon ^^


Hey! Thanks for the feedback!


I don’t agree! If it’s a premium quality tutorial or the author thinks it should be paid for they have all the rights to put a price on it! Anybody interested in the tutorial should be able to purchase it without a Patreon subscription - maybe you just want that one tutorial - and Itch is not just for free stuff