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Hi, I really like your tile-set but what are the dimensions of the hero character?

Hey, I used this tileset for a 2d arena game;

I hope I didn't do a disservice to the tileset :)

Hey, I used your tilesets for my 2D platformer game "Robbory" and just published it on with crediting you in details section and also in the game's main menu. I appreciate your work a lot! You can check my profile if you want to play the game.

Hey I'm going to use your tilesets for a game I'm planning on making. As I'm pretty new to this could you tell me the dimensions that work for this art?

hey! 16x16 tileset 😃

Hey buddy I use this on my game if you wanna check it out!

I do give credits in the game. Great Art! Cheers

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This is very cool. I will use it for a game. I will give credit to you

Could anyone please tell me how to use these tile sets for games. I've never made a pixel art game before and I can't find any tutorials where they tell you how to properly use tile sets with multiple sizes. Please anyone.

There is a pretty good tutorial by Brackeys. Its the basics that you can apply anyways


Hey :)

I made a little endless runner with this Tileset. Its a really early version, but I decided to publish it. If you wanna try the game you can click here. Feedback would be really nice. I really love your work and I hope you still publish some nice assets in the future. Have a nice day an stay healthy.

Jonas :D

hey jonas! 

I loved it! Thanks for sharing, my fiance and I were having a blast playing it! Keep me posted if you add more :) 

Hey there, I am working on a small platformer for a university project and combining your merchant with this tileset is so nice (I had to edit the length of the merchant's pole though)! Thank you for making this! When I finish this I'll send you a link to it :)


hey harry! This looks awesome! It does indeed look great together, I can't wait to play it! the merchant is one of my personal favorites so I'm glad to see him in action!


hello, i used some of your assets in a tiny little game i made. i am relatively new to actively trying all this stuff and have gathered it is polite to tell people that? Regardless, i enjoy your work, so, thank you! 

hey thanks so much for using them! I'd love to see/check out your game as well! Keep me posted

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I love that little character. Is there any way I could get the sprites you have now to use for a game jam?


sure! I'll add what I have to this page. I believe he has a run, jump, land, a few attacks with placeholder weapons, and maybe more haha it's been a while! I'll through him up in a few hours hopefully

Thank you so much!

added! :)

Hi, your artstyle is really cool, do you also do  woks on commision? i am working on developing a game but i'm not very good at pixel art  

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great assets! i have a questions, how much money have you made so far from all of your stuff? 

Always simple but animation is on point. Great job.

Thank you Fox!!