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Hey! this tileset was made for my dungeon series sprites (check it out), the colours mesh well, I've also included a night tileset (see screenshots).

This Tileset was designed for a clean simple look (see below), or a bit more detailed platformer look (see screenshots).

Simple ruins example

Some cool swords...

Swords and Ruins...

The little character in the photos is not included, I'm working on his animations and hopefully with release him soon! Here's a sneak peak (Not final)

I had some huge plans for him... but things took priority, anyways I added his file for free. So enjoy!

Feel free to use for commercial projects and modify the characters if needed. Please use Penusbmic If you want to offer me credits. Please do not resell the assets individually. Thank you! Check out my page for some free pixel work and other cool characters!

These Sprites work well with this tileset!


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Dungeon Ruins Tileset.zip 25 kB
Hero.zip (No Death or Damaged) 22 kB


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Could anyone please tell me how to use these tile sets for games. I've never made a pixel art game before and I can't find any tutorials where they tell you how to properly use tile sets with multiple sizes. Please anyone.

There is a pretty good tutorial by Brackeys. Its the basics that you can apply anyways


Hey :)

I made a little endless runner with this Tileset. Its a really early version, but I decided to publish it. If you wanna try the game you can click here. Feedback would be really nice. I really love your work and I hope you still publish some nice assets in the future. Have a nice day an stay healthy.

Jonas :D

hey jonas! 

I loved it! Thanks for sharing, my fiance and I were having a blast playing it! Keep me posted if you add more :) 

Hey there, I am working on a small platformer for a university project and combining your merchant with this tileset is so nice (I had to edit the length of the merchant's pole though)! Thank you for making this! When I finish this I'll send you a link to it :)https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/621830747715797022/775109879509286922/unknown.png


hey harry! This looks awesome! It does indeed look great together, I can't wait to play it! the merchant is one of my personal favorites so I'm glad to see him in action!


hello, i used some of your assets in a tiny little game i made. i am relatively new to actively trying all this stuff and have gathered it is polite to tell people that? Regardless, i enjoy your work, so, thank you! 

hey thanks so much for using them! I'd love to see/check out your game as well! Keep me posted

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Deleted 296 days ago

I love that little character. Is there any way I could get the sprites you have now to use for a game jam?


sure! I'll add what I have to this page. I believe he has a run, jump, land, a few attacks with placeholder weapons, and maybe more haha it's been a while! I'll through him up in a few hours hopefully

Thank you so much!

added! :)

Hi, your artstyle is really cool, do you also do  woks on commision? i am working on developing a game but i'm not very good at pixel art  

Deleted 1 year ago

great assets! i have a questions, how much money have you made so far from all of your stuff? 

Always simple but animation is on point. Great job.

Thank you Fox!!