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Thank you for the great asset! I used it in my game made for the Woman, Life, Freedom Game Jam to raise awareness about the revolution in Iran.

Helped me to visualize my first prototype game and learn Tilesets in Godot. Thank you, Penusbmic!

Weooo!! Thank you!!! Looks like a fun game! I'll check it out soon 🙂

Ok but these are so cool my dude, thank you! couldn't be made without this...

this looks so fun! Can't wait to get home and ty it out! Awesome work

You made some beautiful tilesets here, thanks for putting them up for free!

You are the most welcome! 

For commercial games??? (with credits, of course)

yup! Of course :)

rly thanks! <3


Hello I am an iOS programmer and make many games on the App Store. I would be interested in maybe making a zombie game. Do u have any social media where I can contact u

Thank you so much! Beautiful art, totally gonna use it in my upcoming games :D

thank you drRage! Look forward to seeing it!

I love it! Thank you so much!


Its nice, Its clean. Its easy to read. Its simple.


I love this minimalistic style of pixel art graphics. I took some of the elements of your asset and expanded on it. Added more detail and my own flavour to it.

At the moment I only have part of a street that the player can walk across. Here's a video snippet of the work in progress:

I love what you did with it! So cool, Keep me updated. My wife and I love it, and would love to see more!

Thank you, appreciate it! The only problem is I'm still not sure wich direction I want to go with it gameplay wise. But at least it's fun to program a living scene, like with the flies and the bar, etc.

I'm also getting a bit of a cyberpunk / distopian future feel from it. Maybe it will be a game where the player is an illegal virtual reality dealer or something.

 Love all the finer details you've added, and a Cyberpunk future feel would be great direction i think. I'm definitely interested in it

I have the basics going for a drug dealing sim :). Next step will be expanding the street. So stay tuned...

This is awesome! I'm even more impressed! I love the concept and I actually would play this, become a drug lord!

I love it. Penusbmic. Keep creating!

Thank you Wigatron!