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Hey everybody!

I was just messing around and this cool little tileset was made. I was picturing some kind of parkour type game? Maybe a runner? You can build some pretty badass buildings,  anyways do what you want with it! 

The zip file includes the Tileset in 4 different colours! Enjoy and link me any cool projects you use with it and please leave a rating :)

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Also these guys!




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City Tileset's.zip 29 kB


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For commercial games??? (with credits, of course)

yup! Of course :)

rly thanks! <3

Hello I am an iOS programmer and make many games on the App Store. I would be interested in maybe making a zombie game. Do u have any social media where I can contact u

Thank you so much! Beautiful art, totally gonna use it in my upcoming games :D

thank you drRage! Look forward to seeing it!

I love it! Thank you so much!


Its nice, Its clean. Its easy to read. Its simple.


I love this minimalistic style of pixel art graphics. I took some of the elements of your asset and expanded on it. Added more detail and my own flavour to it.

At the moment I only have part of a street that the player can walk across. Here's a video snippet of the work in progress:

I love what you did with it! So cool, Keep me updated. My wife and I love it, and would love to see more!

Thank you, appreciate it! The only problem is I'm still not sure wich direction I want to go with it gameplay wise. But at least it's fun to program a living scene, like with the flies and the bar, etc.

I'm also getting a bit of a cyberpunk / distopian future feel from it. Maybe it will be a game where the player is an illegal virtual reality dealer or something.

 Love all the finer details you've added, and a Cyberpunk future feel would be great direction i think. I'm definitely interested in it

I have the basics going for a drug dealing sim :). Next step will be expanding the street. So stay tuned...

This is awesome! I'm even more impressed! I love the concept and I actually would play this, become a drug lord!

I love it. Penusbmic. Keep creating!

Thank you Wigatron!