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where can we find the license for your assets?

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A great piece! May I know the palette so that I can use the tileset ad modify for my project?
Also, are other packs planned for this or you'll go on only with the dark series?


hey! Thank you and I use the appollo pallette on lospec 😃 

Ad yes I have plans! Hopefully will finish up an enemy pack soon ☺️

I've been making a game using your assets since before the Dark Series came along and you release stuff faster than I can incorporate it!  Haha

Just in case you are partial to suggestions, I'd love to see a batch of random background items (bookshelves, pianos, beds, paintings, etc. etc.)

Keep up the good work mate!

Now I need a nice game idea to use this masterpiece. 


😂 do it unknown! ❤️❤️

this is so good, love it <3

Thank you so much! ❤️

hey penusbmic, i've been developing a game based off scourge bringer with your assets adn this is exactly what i needed, thank you so much for this!!!!


thank you!! I'd love to see it/play it some day 😀

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Hi, I'm a patreon, but I do not see link for patreons to download this. Please let me know how to access. Thanks!

Nevermind, I saw that I wasn't correct level, so I upgraded.  Thanks!

Weooo thanks for upgrading <3