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Flower Enemy has identical/missing sprite files of death, hit, idle. They just duplicates attack sprite, please fix.

And by the way, i love this pack and all your art, you doing big things, thank u!

Hey I'll look into this tonight! Just updated the tilesets so something may have went wrong!

Thanks for letting me know!

Hey I bought the pack "Sci-fi DARK Edition" but I can't seem to find the 4 enemies you mentioned above. There are no files wich include the enemy sprites.

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Hey my apologies! I was updating the tileset  last night and forgot to re-add the sprites to the zip file! they should be all there now if you re-download! 

thanks for pointing that out before i frustrat more customers :)

A lot of thanks!

I just bought the back but i cant find the inner corner piece... :(

Hey! Can you screenshot what piece your missing? Either can help you find it and or add it!

That are the pieces that you got in your example picture

And i want to put these Sprites(if u got them) here =>

And i hope it is ok that i am editing a bit of the Sprites to make Emission Maps :) (Im a big Fan of your Art and i hope you make more of these DARK designs in the future <3)

that map looks sick ๐Ÿ˜€ and I see now! I will definitely edited the file asap and upload it! Thanks for sharing! Always want to make it the best i can

Thanks a lot ๐Ÿ–ค. Me and my Girlfriend are working over a year now on the game and decided not long ago to use your Tilemap. Is it ok to use it for commercial use? ๐Ÿญ


that's awesome! Can't wait to see updates! And yes of course, should be a license in the file unless I forgot that too ๐Ÿ˜‚


updated! let me know if that works!

This art is just absolutely amazing!

Thank you ๐Ÿ’•

This is really beautiful stuff, I'll definitely save up for commissions

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get better with every pack! definitely need to keep doing the backgrounds!! 

Thanks Dylan! And I'm going to focus on improving tilesets/backgrounds for a while so hopefully some more!

are these beautiful sprites 16X16 or 32X32?

it says for each sprite the resolution

Yes thanks roloriley! All the sprites sizes are listed above as well as in the files!

Love your content dude

Thank you man!!


Thank you โค๏ธ