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The sprites are beautiful as always, and really fit the other packs nicely.

One thing I've noticed is that this pack - unlike some of the other packs (eg top down monsters, stranded) - doesn't have a single sprite sheet with all of the animations for each entity, which means you have to do a bit of assembly yourself. It would be great if a complete sheet for each character could be included in the pack.


OH and one question:
I saw the images and I don't know where it starts the animation. I mean is it from top to bottom or from bottom to top?

Is it allowed to modify these??

it's impeccable and I love this art style. Instantly thought of my fav game Risk of Rain (hundreds of hours). I love this very much and I thank the creator for this! THANK YOU

Hello, I have a game that I will publish on Steam. If I buy some of your Dark Series packs, can I use them in my game? would that be a problem? (I used Google Translate while writing this).

hey! Yes all my assets are commercial free to use ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Do you have a recommendation for the (in Unity) so-called pivot point of these textures?

Hello Iยดm looking forward to buy more of your assets. Iยดm running in some difficulties tho. When trying to implement the dash with your animation I need to somehow sync the position of the player with the animation. Do you have any ideas on how to do so?


I subscribed the patrons membership and cancelled that immediately... Now I lost the access to the assets. Do I got double charged if I subscribe again?...

hey! Patreon says they don't double charge. If you do get two billings in the same month you send in a ticket to Patreon. you need to claim the assets on before cancelling also ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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lol i love ??


I love your work! Keep it up! But one thing, could you add a dash animation for the Assasin? Im going to use it as my player (a little tweak on the eye) and i would love to have one. Pretty please? xD

Great Set. Characters are slightly small at 19px high but I'll still be using them and purchasing more packs. Thanks

Love the whole set so far! I've been using the Assassin as my main character. Just trying to figure out now altering a bit for an up attack and downward attack :)

sprites are very inconvenient to edit for importing into the game engine(

Sorry, I'm an idiot, everything's fine

๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ what happened? Maybe I can clear it up

I couldn't cut the animations properly due to the fact that they are vertical, but it was easier than I thought:D

I will buy all packs. You are extraordinary man. I'm a developer and I have a project, would you be interested?

hey thank you so much!! Send me a message on Instagram or email, I'd love to see and hear the project! 

I already sent it on instagram as @rafael_btk hahaha take a look and sorry my english, i'm brazilian :)

Just bought this character pack, awesome stuff :+1

thank you! :P

How do I use the upward assassin sprite?. I'm so desperate and too new to making games please help!

Amazing work dude !

thanks so much! :)

Just bought everything you've made! Keep going with this DARK series. I love it!


Thank you so much! Glad you love it, I'm loving making it so more will come ๐Ÿ˜€