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Thank you your pack is helped us to participate in GGJ, if i become a true game developper i will support you for sure !!!


You have amazinig packs, but I noticed something!

In "Laser Sword colours - White, gree, blue, red as shown below!" you wrote "gree" instead of "green", a little typo ^.^ 

Hey! Your works are really great! I'm thinking about buying some of them for my game. Are you planning to add some new Sci-Fi arts? Hope, you understood me, cause I'm from Belarus. Goodluck!

hey! Thank you so much! And I'm currently working on a series called "The Dark Series" it's a more dark Sci-fi series, and I'm constantly releasing new packs 😊


Hey I think you're missing a ton of the assets you said were in this. I'm only seeing one character.

Hey there's two seperate download files, only one character is free, the others are $3 total! It's right above the comments, hope that helps!

Your packs are really cool, I want to make game with your assets !

Thank you! If you do be sure to show me! :)

I am diggin your sci fi sets. Awesome work!

thank you so much! 

Hi bro hw r u , never chat with u in a while, hope da family is doing fine 

hey man! Family and I are doing good, how are you!? Hope all is well 

to be honest I lost an aunt due to covid but the family is coping we r strong 🙏♥️

So sorry for your loss, that's awful. Sending you a virtual hug  ❤️

u too kind , have a blessed day where ever u r 🙏🤗♥️