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Hey! of course you can :)

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Hey! Thanks for the great work. Question, what about the colors? They are delivered with this colors? or just Black and White?

Hey thanks! and they are in colors!

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Hi! I can't seem to find the tilesets? For example, the Sci-fi DARK Edition seems to contain tilesets and those aren't in the zip-file associated.

Nevertheless, great work! Would be nice to get the tileset too!

Hey! Thanks, this is just for characters! And the Dark Edition isn't a part of the pack! Sorry! 

I'm working on more DARK characters and add ons and will eventually do a DARK mega pack 😀

please upload the aseprite file for your supporters. please thanks

hey, my apologies, what ones are missing? Thought I uploaded all of them

no sir, u missed 1-1, 1-3, 3-1, 3-3.

my bad! Won't be able to change it for a bit, but if your in a hurry, aseprite has a super easy sprite import! 


i lied, it's updated haha

thank you so much <3

are these for platformers or for top down rpg games? I think they look amazing btw.

Thank you! They work perfect for platformers but I've seen alot of devs use them for top down and nail it!

say less thank you

do you have any examples of these that you have done in a platformer or top-down. If not can you point me in the right direction because i want to see how other people did it

Could you point me to some of the top down examples? I love your art work and would love to be able to get it going in a top down.

instantly bought ! Thanks for this pack and congratulations again for you incredible skills !

Thank you so much 💓

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Haha I was so excited to see a new pack by you, but I already bought them all ^^  Looking forward to a spaceship pack one day!

Haha 😂 thank you so much for already supporting me!! Means a lot!

Top noth characters, i'd buy the pack if i hand't bought them all already :p

thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️